Professional Art Products offers you the very best paints available anywhere. All products are permanently durable, will not fade or yellow, have great workability and so importantly - they are all non-toxic and VOC free.

The paints I have honed down to the purest colours, to make every colour possible for you out of the fewest tubes of paint.  The artist oil and acrylic paint companies are the best in the world - Gamblin and Golden –industry leaders, completely dedicated to helping artists, advancing artists materials to new standards with innovative, thoroughly tested technology. The quality is the best in the world.

There are common myths that you need to use toxic substances to get great colour, professional practices, or even to clean brushes. I am here to debunk this. You can achieve the most spectacular colours - any colour in the rainbow, WITHOUT the use of a single toxin. You can also do it with the complete thumbs up from the art conservation community. Oil brushes clean just as swiftly and effectively with mediums while painting, and after painting - with soaps. In a nutshell: There is absolutely no compromise to your practice or your products when you eliminate toxins. The only thing there is when you use products with toxins, is lagging technology.

I carry Gamblin Artist Oil Colours, highly researched and carefully crafted for workability, safety and archival soundness. They are perfect paints and perfect colours.  The only needed colour I found missing from the Gamblin lineup is the remarkable Rembrandt Transparent Yellow Medium. This handy find is a perfectly primary, beautifully transparent yellow. So, I carry one Rembrandt Brand colour (this one!).

I have also carried Gamblin’s FastMatte Alkyd Artist Oil Colours. Gamblin now only produces one remarkable FastMatte Product: FastMatte Titanium White. I will sell you any colours I have left over from these incredibly good paints, but one thing is for sure - whatever your oil practices - you need the technology of their FastMatte Titanium White. Unlike all other whites except lead white, this specially formulated white oil paint dries at a relatively even rate as your regular oil colours, which increases the soundness and stability of your surface as it dries. This is important.

You could also even the drying times with lead white, but Gamblin painstakingly developed FastMatte Titanium White to replace lead white, eliminating any archival reason to use that toxin-laced paint. According to my conversations with MITRA, the art conservator board out of the University of Delaware, Gamblin FastMatte is plenty strong enough to create a completely sound paint surface and can replace lead white. There is actually no need to use lead white; the greatest enemy to your paint surface is not the elimination of lead white, but the continued insistence by artists to use flexible surfaces – fabrics stretched over bars. So, I strongly recommend three things: Eliminate all regular artist colour whites that dry too slowly, start painting on rigid supports (with or without fabrics stretched on them), and eliminate lead white, an unnecessary precaution for the permanence of your work. Use Gamblin FastMatte Titanium White as your only white, mixing it with the rest of your palette of regular oil paints. It is VOC and toxin free, incredibly strong, fast drying, non-yellowing and superbly pigmented. By the way, it also contains no zinc – another criterion for archival soundness.

I also carry the very best heavy bodied acrylic paint and colours from the world leader in acrylic paint technology - Golden. Try the innovative palette that I have put together for you, using my nuanced understanding of colours and colour quality that my oil practice gives me. With my criteria of highest film strength, durability, colour performance, versatile mixability and non-toxicity, then with affirmation from skilled colleagues who paint with acrylics, I have custom picked the very best performers that will serve you better than any other colours.

For both watercolour and gouache paints, I have chosen Winsor Newton as my key Professional Art Products lineup. They have a full range of non-toxic colours that are also top-rated within the artist community for their supreme workability.  They are available in sets and as individual colours.

And please - let me know if there is anything I am missing from this honed arsenal of products! I always love to hear about great art supplies, and will most definitely look into what you recommend for me to carry!