If you are anything like I am, there is nothing more thrilling than a new brush that works exceptionally well! It can transform the way you work, make your intensely personal vision expressible, save time and vastly improve the quality of your work.

I am exceedingly excited about this line up of brushes, suited to any function oil or acrylic painting can throw at you! Each brush is carefully assessed by actual long-term testing by me. I am so happy when it works well initially. It is in my product line if it is durable and continues to work well - long term. A beautiful brush is a joy to keep for a long time. I do not carte-blanche carry whole line ups. Just those that I find work particularly well. I carry some Rosemary & Co Brushes, some Princeton and some Creative Mark. Please know however, that you can custom order any brush from these brands, and I will bring them in for you.