I love painting, but I love teaching too! Teaching is a love of my life! I have helped innumerable students learn about colour in my Nitty Gritty on Colour courses or learn basic skills in how to think and see as an artist with my Artskills programs. I have a working knowledge of archival practice and teach proper building of canvases and proper structure of oil painting. But most of all, with a niche knowledge of Renaissance glaze oil techniques, I have had a a passion for passing on all that I know about Glaze Oil Painting  for over forty years. My favourite way to do this has been through the Canadian Glaze Oil Society.

If you are a national or international student, please come and visit me in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada! I will design a destination workshop for you to meet your learning wants and needs. I also offer Zoom classes worldwide.

If you are lucky enough to live on Prince Edward Island, please join my through the Canadian Glaze Oil Society's Introduction Courses and Mentor Programs. 

Read about the upcoming roster of courses, here on this website, and then contact me at to personally connect to make arrangements to partake in these, or to arrange for a custom program. Talk soon!