Golden Acrylic Gesso Ground

Golden Acrylic Gesso Ground

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PrimerThis ground has been developed by Golden Acrylic Colours, an industry leader for art products. This well formulated and carefully tested ground is highly recommended as a ground by the MITRA Art Conservators’ Board for both oil and acrylic painting practices. 

Some oil painters prefer a more slippery surface, and therefore use an oil ground. However, this product is my go-to ground when prepping my surfaces for oil painting. It is particularly well suited for traditional oil practice, that utilizes an imprimatura wet on wet priming. The surface is more absorbent than oil grounds and therefore the imprimatura glaze can root into the surface, creating microscopic physical bonds, that meld with and help the lean grisaille foundation layer bond even better. The wetness of that glaze creates surface slip, making it easier to work on with the paint. An imprimatura process under any single layer oil process would also work to transform the surface’s slip to your preference.

Golden Acrylic Gesso Ground is extremely easy to apply. It should be diluted by about 25% and applied evenly in three to five coats, sanding after each layer. Each coat dries within about half an hour. After your applications are complete, it is important to allow your canvas to cure for several days before it is painted on to prevent interaction of the curing ground with the curing of your paint.