"The Beech at Boshkung", Gull River Series
Kathy Marlene Bailey

"The Beech at Boshkung", Gull River Series

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Artist: Kathy Marlene Bailey, CGOS, OSA

Medium: Glaze Oil on Canvas

Size: 20" x20"

Artist Statement: The Beech at Boshkung

 Is this part of our human world, or is this magical place somewhere where plants flourish and animals roam, unbothered by human activity – untouched by human eyes? There is not a trace of humanity – just sandy banks with raccoon tracks, the sound of moving water, blacked winged damsel flies and an unending variety of plants and trees that form a small, lush wilderness room within the forest. This is a special place – a sacred space where I am honoured to bear witness. I revere its great beauty, complexity and sanctuary for the flora, fauna and currently, for me as well. What delightful reward for climbing down to the bottom of the embankment of the bridge over Highway 35. Who would know this was just right there?