Golden Heavy Body Artist Grade Acrylics  - Primary Cyan
Golden Artist Colors

Golden Heavy Body Artist Grade Acrylics - Primary Cyan

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If you paint with acrylics, you can trust Golden, the industry leader acrylic paint technology. The paints I have chosen are top for permanent durability, lightfastness and they are non-toxic. Golden heavy body acrylics have good slip for workability. This artist grade, almost opaque "Primary Cyan" is a almost primary, with a trace of yellow. This is most apparent when mixed with white.  This makes it a perfect mixing blue for all colours on the green side of the spectrum but will disable you from mixing certain yellow-absent blue colours. Do not mix Primary Cyan into your thin glazes either- the opacity will interfere with the light transmission and ruin the glazing. For glazing, substitute Phthalo Blue, Red Shade or Phthalo Blue Green Shade instead. They are transparent and ideal for glazing.