Canadian Glaze Oil Society Class - Intermediate to Advanced Mentor Program
Canadian Glaze OIl Society

Canadian Glaze Oil Society Class - Intermediate to Advanced Mentor Program

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The Canadian Glaze Oil Society is proud to offer online and in-person The Intermediate to Advanced Mentor Program is for member artists of the CGOS across Canada, who are wanting to get in-depth knowledge and master skills of these incredible painting processes. The 14-session program takes participants through seven complete layers, working in sync with the other and the instructor. Each student and the instructor will paint a major work of his or her choosing, and will have deadlines on the progression, throughout the course. There will be demonstrations and prompting of strategies from the group. Within a group, students will problem solve their unique goals created by their own subject-matter. They will discuss their progress and plans for problem-solving with the group. In the end, each student will glean the experiences from all the paintings in the classroom, including the instructor's. This is an extremely effective program for mastering indirect painting methods.

Class schedules are arranged individually. Please email if interested at or call 902-962-3642.

Instructor: Kathy Marlene Bailey, B.A. Art Ed., OSA, CGOS

Cost:: $630 (Through the Canadian Glaze Oil Society.

Duration: 14 afternoons or evening classes

The CGOS offers mentor programs to its members. The CGOS Introduction to Glaze OIls course is the pre-requisite for this excellent program of workshops for intermediate to advanced learners. For information on the CGOS, go to