Take a look at these beautiful products! They are simply the best. I have scoured the market everywhere, searched, researched and personally put products like brushes through the rigger and scrutiny of my professional practice, extensively testing them before carefully determining which size and configuration works best for any series. The paints I have honed down to the purest colours, to make every colour possible for you out of the fewest tubes of paint.  The companies are the best in the world - Rosemary & Co, Gamblin and Golden - all industry leaders, completely dedicated to helping artists, advancing artists tools and materials to new standards with innovative, thoroughly tested technology. The quality is the best in the world.

And, I have seriously - very seriously - researched substrates for oil and acrylics that will stand the test of time. I am proud to make them for you, through Professional Art Products, or I could teach you to make them yourself in a workshop. Either way, you need this technology! It too, is the best.

I am excited to find other things that make a studio run like a clock – perfect storage, tape and anything else you actually need!  Everything you need is here.

And please - let me know if there is anything I am missing from this honed arsenal of products! I always love to hear about great art supplies, and will most definitely look into it!