Professional Art  "a la Prima" Oil Paint Set
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Professional Art "a la Prima" Oil Paint Set

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These contemporary archivally perfect selections of products are light-fast, strong, flexible, VOC free and non-toxic. Because this is a primary palette, this set can fit your mixing needs and you will not necessarily need to ever buy other colours. This set comes with a free compact Essentials Lidded Wooden Paint Box, to nicely keep you paints organized in permanently.

 I have developed this paint set for those oil painters who do not glaze, but will prefer the process of a la prima – any one-layer paint application. This a carefully chosen primary palette of paints that will combine quickly and easily to create any tint, tone or shade imaginable. Pigments include 37ml tubes of: Gamblin FastMatte Titanium White, Gamblin Artist Grade: Hansa Yellow (primary), Quinacridone Red (primary), Ultramarine Blue (primary with a tiny hint of red), Phthalo Blue (primary with a tiny hint of yellow) and Burnt Sienna (an orange-brown) and Gamblin Solvent Free Gel. These paints will perform optimally for all single layer painting – thin or thick, including palette knife applications. The Gamblin FastMatte Titanium White has been chosen because of its archivally sound properties (its lack of zinc and its fast drying, ultra-strong paint film it creates) and its non-toxicity (there is no lead). This alkyd paint combines seamlessly with your regular oils, but evens up the drying time, so it creates a more stable problem-free drying surface than other regular oil whites. This is particularly important in thick paint applications. Note that this paint needs initial kneading with your palette knife when place on the palette, because of its super-high pigmentation.