The Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver
The Masters

The Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver

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This solid soap with very fine grit is the best cleaner for your brushes, getting paint out, down to the last trace - AND it is completely non-toxic.

I use a three step, swift, effective and non-toxic process.

1) After wiping residue from brushes with a Kleenex, swipe the brushes in kitchen oil of any kind or mineral oil until they run clean and no longer tint or ribbon the oil with pigment (as you would do in turps). Wipe excess oil off with another Kleenex.

2) Clean quickly in a squirt of dish soup to dissolve the oil, then rinse.

3) Gently move brush filaments sideways back and forth in The Masters Soap, and the fine abrasive particles will instantly push any tiny bits of residue of paint out of the brush, leaving it completely void. Rinse out when soap is frothy and extracts no more colour. Take excess moisture from brush, then set the brush with a tiny bit of The Masters Soap on the very tip. Swipe filaments between fingers to hold the brush pointed in its factory shape as it dries. This amazing soap brings your brushes back to factory new condition every time. Your brushes will last indefinitely - literally for years and years. This soap is an absolute must-have.