"Intimate Canopy", Gull River Series
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"Intimate Canopy", Gull River Series

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Artist:  Kathy Marlene Bailey, CGOS, OSA

Size: 12"x36", Oil on Canvas on Cradled Birch Panel

Artist Statement - Intimate Canopy

This painting is a quintessential subject-matter for oil glazing. I was able to have a field day with the colour qualities that can be so wonderfully manipulated with glazing. Some colours called for the harness of stained glass-like transparent glazing that enabled their rich glowing. Others called for infinite, ever so subtle echelons of diffused softness. This subject called for everything my skills could muster.

I find shards of light within water a transfixing thing to watch. I could sit by the water and watch them all day (and, actually, I have - many times). I love their lightning rhythm, dancing light and incredibly diverse and beautiful morphing shapes. They fill me with a profound peace.