"Stuck, But Just for a Bit', Old Perlican Harbour Series
Kathy Marlene Bailey

"Stuck, But Just for a Bit', Old Perlican Harbour Series

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Artist: Kathy Marlene Bailey, CGOS, OSA

Medium: Glaze Oil on Canvas on Cradled Birch Panel

Size: 24" x36"

Artist Statement:

 In the spring in Newfoundland, Old Perlican Harbour fills up to the brim with ice pans that float down on currents and winds from the Arctic. Each small member of the ice flotilla is a mini–iceberg, complete with enormous, looming, underwater structure of solid ancient ice. Each piece of ice is an utterly unique sculpture, God-made with the most beautiful composition of forms, curiously coloured in subtle tints of purple and turquoise. These exquisite wonders float aimlessly, wafting in and out of the bays and harbours, unpredictable in length of stay in any one spot. It never ceases to amaze me how the harbour can be empty and a few hours later be full of ice pans. It is roulette… they might stay a week, a few weeks, or longer - or not at all. The stakes for fishermen are treacherous if the ice pan movements are misjudged. The harbour, in the meantime creates a fairly safe haven for boats and their crew to wait them out.  It takes a lot of optimism, prudence and patience to play out this game of roulette that the pans and weather play. With any luck, the bounty of fish waits too, on the other side of the risk.