"Grand View, Minden, Gull River Series
Kathy Marlene Bailey

"Grand View, Minden, Gull River Series

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Artist: Kathy Marlene Bailey, CGOS, OSA

Medium: Glaze Oil on Canvas on Cradled Birch Panel

Size: 36" x48"

Artist Statement:

 In Ontario, this classic vista view can be found on any or all of our major rivers. Is this the Saugeen? The Muskoka, the Burnt or the Grand? It could be any of the above and I have had patrons swear that it is “their” river. And it is, if they are from Ontario. This classic view shows a glorious Ontario summer day, with that specific blue sky, those specific river trees that grow in our beautiful province, and that flat, swift flow of our pristine water. I love the Gull River. I have painted so many faces of it. This face, however, is the classic, vista, grand view. The tension on the water surface from that swift flow creates a maximized reflective mirror for all of the beauty that surrounds it. The shape of the river banks create diagonals that invite us in. The trees are of perfect proportion. It is the ultimate landscape, with every Romantic, Classical and Abstract component. It makes me feel – well, grand. It always has.