Canadian Glaze Oil Society Class- Intro Traditional Glaze Oil Painting
Canadian Glaze OIl Society

Canadian Glaze Oil Society Class- Intro Traditional Glaze Oil Painting

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 The Canadian Glaze Oil Society is proud to offer online and in-person introduction Traditional glaze oil classes for artists across Canada, who are curious about these incredible painting processes (in person classes are held in PEI).

Get an introduction to the light, colour and depth secrets of the Renaissance. This online workshop provides an overview of the basic steps of  "indirect" painting methods that were begun in the Early Renaissance, that included grisaille and Velatura foundations, then glazing, and scumbling layering to achieve radiant colour and brilliant illusion of depth. While you are learning, these processes are very helpful at greatly improving your rendering (drawing) skills as well as your colour and value perception skills. You will use the exact processes of the Old Masters, but using and learning about state-of-the-art materials and technology.  A project and all top quality, materials are provided.

Class schedules are arranged individually. Please email if interested at or call 902-962-3642.

Instructor: Kathy Marlene Bailey, B.A. Art Ed., OSA, CGOS

Cost: $225 (through the Canadian Glaze Oil Society)

Duration: 5 afternoons or evening classes

Note: The CGOS also offers opportunities for advanced learning in glaze oils. The CGOS offers mentor programs to its members. This course is the pre-requisite for an excellent program of workshops for intermediate to advanced learners. For information on the CGOS, go to