Professional Art Products offers you the very best paints and mediums available anywhere. All products are permanently durable, will not fade or yellow, have great workability and so importantly - they are all non-toxic and VOC free.

There are common myths that you need to use toxic substances to get great colour, professional practices, or even to clean brushes. I am here to debunk this. You can achieve the most spectacular colours - any colour in the rainbow, without the use of a single toxin. You can also do it with the complete thumbs up from the art conservation community. Oil brushes clean quickly and easily with mediums while painting, and soaps after painting. In a nutshell: There is absolutely no compromise to your practice or your products. The only thing there is when you use toxins, is lagging technology. 

I have very carefully covered every basic in mediums. Note: If there are other mediums suited to your specific practice that you want me to carry, please let me know!

The paints I have honed down to the purest colours, to make every colour possible for you out of the fewest tubes of paint.  The companies are the best in the world - Rosemary & Co, Gamblin and Golden - all industry leaders, completely dedicated to helping artists, advancing artists tools and materials to new standards with innovative, thoroughly tested technology. The quality is the best in the world.

And please - let me know if there is anything I am missing from this honed arsenal of products! I always love to hear about great art supplies, and will most definitely look into it!