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Professional Art Cradled Panels

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It doesn't get any better than this. This cradled panel surpasses all other cradled panels in structural integrity for your paintings. Not only is the panel made with furniture grade Russian Baltic Birch, so are the cradles! This exceedingly well-made plywood has unsurpassed stability against warpage.

Make your support as "supportive" as possible! Whether you like the smooth surface of this beautifully crafted cradled birch panel, or prefer to stretch canvas over it like I do, the art conservation community will give you the thumbs up for protecting your work from the archival no-no of painting on a flexible surface of canvas stretched over bars. If you stop painting on fabric-over-bars supports, you will also find your day-to-day operations become much easier. Moving your paintings around your studio, around your exhibit space, and safely through transport becomes much, MUCH easier. Your paintings need solid, inflexible surfaces. This one is ideal.

Note 18"x24" is just a sample size, for your quick reference here. Any size of cradled panel is readily available to you and priced according to size.  Note: if you are planning an an art exhibition, we can customize sizes of cradled panels to nest together efficiently to minimize your exhibition shipping cost. Professional Art Cradled Panels generally need pre-order before they are made. Call to order: 902-962-3642.