"Sun Burst, Little Sands Series"
Kathy Marlene Bailey

"Sun Burst, Little Sands Series"

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Artist: Kathy Marlene Bailey, CGOS, OSA

Medium: Glaze Oil on Canvas on Cradled Birch Panel

Size: 24" x30"

Artist Statement:

The ocean and I have become neighbours of late. I am used to my home as Ontario - with its majestic, lush forests, rocks and clear waters. And now – this land - so beautiful but so different from where I come from! This gentle red land of PEI - this sea, this sky, THIS LIGHT - they all take some getting used to. Each home strikes its own profound relationship with an art-maker and transforms them. It is an unsettling and overwhelming experience. I have so much to paint here but for the longest time, I could not settle on exactly where to begin. Then – I just knew. It all begins with the spectacular light. Whenever I see it, I am reminded of, and feel God with me. That transcendence brings me right home – even here in this very new land, so different from the land that forged me.